Keyhan Tajhiz Petroleum Company
Kayhan Taj'hiz Petroleum Company looks at its customers and employers as technical and commercial strategic partners. Hence, this company strictly believes that appropriate suggestions are specifically subject to features and needs of every project to either observe the relevant standards or meet keenness of employer and necessities of accomplishment of work. Therefore, general strategy of this company has been defined as follow:

"Constant Development of Quality through Precise Acquaintance with Details of Work and Expansion of Know-How and Deepening Mutual Understanding between Employers Accordingly" "Enhancement of Customer Satisfaction Providing Consultation Services before Entering into Contract, Accurate Supervision on Work Schedule and Engineering Services at the time of Operation"

So, the objectives of Kayhan Taj'hiz Petroleum Company have been defined accordingly as detailed below and you can evaluate the achievement on an interval basis:
- Making a mutual trust with customers;
- Making rapid accessibility of project data by employer;
- Taking a technical approach while working;
- Innovation and endeavor to protect and promote qualitative and knowledge level of staff members attending the relevant training courses in their own fields of activity.